(partial list)

Electronic Arts - since 1989 - design and production of software manuals for the EA SPORTS line of games, as well as for EA Games edutainment titles and Electronic Arts direct marketing materials

Riverdeep - The Learning Co. - since 1991 - writing, design, editing, production of children's edutainment software manuals and online user guides; design and production of packaging, catalogs and marketing pieces; editorial and proofreading services

California Nurses Association - since 2001 - concept, design, production of commemorative centennial book, design and production of informational and marketing brochures and flyers

Burg Design - since 1990 - production services for varied print and web projects including California Pacific Medical Center publications, UCSF Center for Health Care website, production and template building for magazines including SunWorld, Intel View, Oracle Alliance Journal and BioWorld.

Mattel Interactive - writing, design and production of software user guides for children's games

JahWorks.org - since 2000 - on the advisory board of this web-based lifestyle publication, contributing journalist (music concert reviews, cultural event reporting and travel articles)

Other clients - production, design, editorial
FSiCreative Inc.
The Chronicle Newspaper, Dominica
MacWorld Magazine
MacWEEK Magazine
Reggae Review Magazine
Autodesk Inc.
CRS Advertising - A Division of Charles Schwab
American Park Network
San Francisco Music Box Company
Bavarian Cycle Works/BMW North America
Dubbelju [W] Motorcycles, L.L.C.
Gem Shapes Inc.

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